Sales Agent Agreement Pdf

Product promotion: promotional techniques to be used by the representative for the sale of products. It should be noted that the 1993 Trade Agents Regulations create certain obligations and rights for those defined in the regulations as trade agents in their respective EU countries. If the intention is that the parties will not have a relationship covered by these regulations, this document should not be used. This document can be used to create a distribution agency relationship between an agent and a principal. In this way, an agent can earn commissions for the sale of the client`s goods. 4 customer representatives outside the territory. 4.8 Product availability. The entity is not liable, to the representative or any other party, for the non-performance of the accepted orders or for its delay in the execution of the accepted orders, if such a failure or delay is due to a cause that does not do the appropriate control of the company. 5. REPRESENTATIVE SUPPLEMENTARY OBLIGATIONS 5.1 Annual quotas. Within 30 days of the effective date and thirty days before the start of each next calendar year, the company may assign an annual quota to the representative.

Each annual quota must be fair and appropriate, taking into account factors, including, but not limited, to previous years` sales, to the competitive and economic situation in the territory and the market, and to the company`s market share in the country. 5.2 Advertising for products. The representative encourages, at his own expense, the sale of the products in the territory. The representative may promote or compete with sales agents or service personnel and perform the duties under this directive. 5.3 Facilities. The representative is available to him and is solely responsible (i) for these organizations, these employees and the business organization, and (ii) of these authorizations, licenses and other forms of authorization from government or regulatory authorities, if any, as he considers necessary to carry out its activities in accordance with this agreement. 5.4 Customer and Distribution Reports. The representative must participate at his own expense and in accordance with the company`s sales rules: a) participate in an appropriate number of fairs as business applications; (b) regularly ensure appropriate contact with existing and potential clients in the territory; and c) help the company assess customer requirements for products.

5.5 Customer service. The representative must carefully assist his clients in using the products and providing additional customer services in the manner in which he requires good know-how and as the company can reasonably require.