Roger Ailes Separation Agreement

Apartment Investment and Management Co. said On Tuesday that it has concluded the separation of its operations into two separate listed real estate investment trusts. As of March 31, 2020, “new” Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco) has a fortune of 10% of the previous company`s gross inventory value, while the new Apartment Income REIT Corp. owns approximately 90% of the previous company`s assets and is traded on the NYSE under the symbol “AIRC.” While some data services show that Aimco shares have fallen by about 85%, this may not yet be responsible for the separation. As a result of this separation, Dow Jones Indices said last week that Aimco would be stripped indefinitely of the S-P 500 and replaced by Tesla Inc., which will take effect on December 21. “With an executive as high-end as Ailes, you can bet he has an employment contract that competes with federal law in detail,” said Gillian Thomas, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, which specializes in women`s labor law. She said it was not uncommon for a contract like this to contain details about thieves and a non-compete agreement. As expected, just after the leak of the $40 million deal to Drudge, online outrage began: first, it is important to note that this was an unsigned agreement posted by Drudge.

Most separation agreements, particularly with senior managers, will include a section on confidentiality. It was not included in the leaked one-pager, but I`m willing to bet a lot of money that Ailes` final agreement will include a confidentiality clause. This means that once an agreement has been signed, neither side will be able to talk about it. If the trial is possible, they may face serious legal consequences if the contract is breached. After Mr. Ailes left Fox News, 21st Century Fox stated that until March 31, there were a total of $45 million in comparison-related costs. The company made comparisons with at least six women who accused Mr. Ailes of sexual harassment, according to a person who was informed of the agreements. Something very strange happened last night.