Pennsylvania Articulation Agreements

This articulation also includes the P.A.C.E. program, with which high school seniors apply to the TJU to start two or three years after the initiation of a college program. During the two or three years (students have the opportunity to choose), students take basic courses specific to the SU and, provided they have an adequate academic reputation, are automatically referred to the TJU to complete the professional component of their studies. This early reception program is aimed at high school seniors who have relatively high SAT rates (minimum SAT values vary by discipline) and who have volunteer hours in the field of study. Joints are formal agreements that define expectations and procedures between Penn State University and another university, university or educational institution, to allow students to complete their academic work at Penn State and obtain a degree from Penn State. Articulation agreements contain specific expectations regarding the school curriculum, and they differ from membership and other types of agreements. Students admitted to Penn State as part of the international articulation process are expected to work at the level indicated in the articulation agreement. From time to time, after their arrival, students discover that another major, either within the same college or another college, would be better suited to their interest. These students may change majors, but must first obtain the approval of the associate dean of the college or associate college and the approval of the overall programs. Many colleges and universities have made the transfer planning process more fluid by sketching out how Penn Highlands courses can adapt to bachelor`s requirements. Here are the articulation agreements we have with other colleges and universities. Any request to establish, renew or terminate prospectuses, proposals and articulation agreements must be initiated by the relevant body of a study unit. After receiving consultation with ACUE on the proposal and draft agreement, the deans of the ACUE of higher education institutions or institutions wishing to participate in the articulation agreement submit the current articulation proposal and a draft agreement to the Office of Undergrade Education, which will conduct a review in agreement with the Senate Committee on Admissions, Registrations, Timing and Assistance for Study (ARSSA).

As soon as an extension has been approved, a memo is issued and the information is updated on the Articulation Agreement website. Penn State Approved Joint Agreements Register Consultation is expected during the development phase of the proposal between the proposing university and those who may have a common interest and those who may be affected by the joint. The consultation should include all ACUE deans and university units within the college from which the proposal is developed, as well as other higher education institutions where the proposed program is proposed. Ongoing consultations and cooperation with penn State`s college, partner institutions and relevant offices are essential during the development phase. Under international agreements, global programs will help facilitate the consideration of original ideas with risk management, the Office of General Officials and the Office of Ethics and Compliance. The articulation agreement between Penn Highlands and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown allows students to transfer a graduate arts degree to 11 different bachelor`s programs, including: Penn College and Pennsylvania Highlands have 2-2 agreements for health degrees.