Investment Agreement Sample In Urdu

Neither party will be held liable for more debts, with the exception of commitments arising from its investment in capital, in accordance with LAW. This ACCORD can be terminated with the written agreement of the PARTENAIRES. Each PARTENARIAT is required by this CONTRAT to notify the other PARTNERSHIP in writing that it wishes to terminate the partnership, no less than [NUMBER] days after the proposed termination date. This ACCORD represents the entire agreement between the PARTIES. No prior agreement can take over from the JOINT PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT and no subsequent agreement will become binding unless both parties agree in writing. In the case of a cessation of payment, a lack of action, an exclusion from exploitation, a law, a civil or criminal law or in any way unable to fulfil its obligations under the partnership, this AGREEMENT is cancelled. [NOM] acts as PARTNERSHIP MANAGER and is responsible for the management of the company. PARTNERSHIP MANAGER is responsible for the development of the operation and function of THE PARTENARIAT and for reporting directly to the partners. Unresolved disputes arising from JOINT PARTNERSHIP go to mediation before arbitration. This JOINT PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (ACCORD) is concluded on this [day] by [MONTH], [year], from and between [PARTY 1], on behalf of [COMPANY], [ADDRESS] and [PARTY 2], on behalf of [COMPANY], [ADDRESS].

PARTNERSHIP MANAGER regularly organizes reports and meetings, personally or otherwise, according to the will of the people signed to them, with the PARTIES at regular intervals of [DURATION]. This ACCORD is governed in accordance with [STATE`s] LAWS. The PARTENARIAT GESTIONNAIRE is excluded from liability for any act of good faith in the performance of its obligations, unless such conduct is considered to be gross or intentional negligence in the face of PARTNER`s commercial pages, its organizations, employees, customers, representatives or associates. Capital funds are to be deposited into a special account with [CITY BANK] and immediately distributed among the signatures of the parties` representatives. The PARTENARIAT GESTIONNAIRE contributes to the maintenance of records and books of all ACCORD-related transactions that must be backed up on [LOCATION]. THE PARTENAIRES conducts, on a date of determination, semi-annual audits of all registrations and books relating to the partnership. Partnership MANAGER is responsible for making all recordings and books available at the time of the review. JOINT PARTNERS are bound only by the measures described in this ACCORD regarding the relief of the burden on the company. Contracting parties are not considered co-representatives, representatives or staff members who go beyond the provisions of this ACCORD. Both PARTIES reserve the right to review, review or otherwise request documents relating to JOINT PARTNERSHIP.

According to the terms and alliances of the ACCORD, the PARTENAIRES have: in case of satisfaction of the TERM of JOINT PARTNERSHIP, the profit/loss of /the parties is also put in competition through the SPECIAL COMPTE, which is also used for the satisfaction of all debts due as a result of the JOINT PARTNERSHIP, immediately and on that date.