Industrial Court Malaysia Collective Agreement

17. (1) A collective agreement, which has been acted upon by the Court of Justice, is considered an arbitral award and is mandatory for 56. 1. Any recourse to have a clause or collective agreement, taken into account by the Court of Justice, not respected, may be filed in writing by a union or by a person linked to that contract or agreement. The main services provided by unions to members are negotiations and representations. Collective bargaining provides unions with a way to defend and improve the well-being of members through better, safer and healthier working conditions. Maimunah (2003: 163) explains that collective bargaining in Malaysia focuses mainly on economic issues. It could be extended to a wide range of other areas related to worker well-being, particularly in the areas of safety and productivity systems. The results of collective bargaining provide a measure of job security, status, self-esteem, better working conditions and better control of their working lives (Wu 2006: 145). 2. This section applies to collective agreements between an employer and a union representing its workers in respect of or in connection with – (4), and this section does not apply in cases where there is a violation of Section 59 of Denseer and where proceedings have been initiated in court for an offence under paragraph 59 paragraph 1; Where, while proceedings are under way under this section, proceedings resulting from the same circumstances are initiated before a court for an offence under paragraph 59, paragraph 1, the procedure in this section is not pursued. The employer can provide its employees with 13 information on collective bargaining and commercial disputes. (1) Where a workers` union has been recognized by an employer or employer union- (a) the workers` union may ask the employer or the employers` union to start collectively (3) Parties related to the contract or agreement have a good opportunity to be heard.

(7) If the refusal to enter into collective bargaining persists after the above stages, a trade dispute is considered the case in the issues mentioned in the appeal. (8) When a workers` union believes that an employer or employer union has refused to authorize in the course of a debate any issue mentioned in item 3, the workers` union may, within one month of that refusal, intervene in writing with the Minister who, before 20 laws of Malaysia ACT 177 (2) the prosecutor`s office has accepted the charge , he must explain the charge, but he is not invited to plead, and the written law on criminal procedure will be amended accordingly.