Cme Clearing Member Agreement

To be a single member of CME, you must be an adult with sufficient financial resources to assume the responsibility and privileges of membership and have a good moral character, good reputation and business integrity. Individual membership in CME allows the member to negotiate CME products at reduced prices in the membership division. Here are the forms that clients may need to process or understand their affiliation requirements and requirements. There are four CME membership divisions that represent the four levels of access to CME products. Some CME memberships were linked to a Class B share of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. when the stock exchange de-ins advented in 2002 and became a publicly traded company. Each of the four levels of each CME member includes the same application process. You can make an offer at any time to purchase a membership, that is, before you apply for membership, while your application is being processed, or after your application has been approved. If we approve your application for membership, you have 30 days to acquire a membership. You can also file a lease or transfer forms once you have been approved for membership. You can rent a subscription by paying a monthly rent to a landlord in any membership department. You can find a member who can be rented through your clearing company or through a list of renters that have been published on the membership price page.

The CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX memberships are completely separate and offer access to different products at different prices. To trade certain products, you must be a member of the stock exchange where they do not. Once you have decided to join the CME, apply for you. Trades: Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate and Equity Index Futures and all IOM and GEM products During the application process, we list the name of each candidate in our Membership Bulletin. Trades: Equity Index futures, random wood contracts, all options contracts and all GEM products Send the forms below online by logging into the subscription portal. You need a SMART Click ID to sign up for the membership portal. Trade: various products, including contracts with emerging countries; limited finances.