Charter Housing Tenancy Agreement

If you rent a housing company and share a bathroom, living room or kitchen with other people who are not part of your household, you may be a precarious tenant. An uncertain lease may be a licensing agreement rather than a lease agreement. Your rights depend a lot on what they say in your contract, so make sure you keep a copy. Safe tenants are entitled to succession. This means that if a safe tenant dies, the tenant can be handed over to a close relative who lived 12 months with the safe tenant until his death. If a tenant dies, the lease is automatically transferred to the other tenant. If a single tenant dies and the tenant`s spouse resides with them at the time of death, the spouse inherits the lease. The need for multiple housing will not increase the priority given to an application. You can sublet part of your home, but you need your housing company`s permission in writing. Since you are the tenant, you must live in the property as your main home and you cannot sublet the entire property. A lease can only be passed on once. If the deceased tenant has inherited the property from a relative or family member, the tenancy agreement cannot be passed on. This is called attribution.

Your housing company sometimes allows you to transfer your lease to someone else if you can no longer live there. This can occur when the applicant has abandoned a lease agreement for the new charters or has been distributed by the New Charter for debts or other reasons, no new applications are considered for 5 years after the date of expulsion. Every rent you charge is part of your income. If you receive benefits, you must notify your tenant`s social security service. You must also tell the housing executive how much rent you will receive if you apply for the housing allowance. The amount of benefits you receive will likely be reduced depending on your tenants. As a general rule, they must be able to meet certain conditions in order to award them a lease agreement in these circumstances. Contact housing Rights for advice if you think this situation applies to you. If you were a secure tenant of the Housing Authority or a housing company just prior to moving to your new dorm, you should retain this safe tenant status. This also applies if you move in with someone who was a safe tenant with you just before moving in. You can apply to buy your home if you have been a tenant for 5 years or more.

If an introductory tenant dies, the introductory tenant may be given to the tenant`s spouse or partner or a family member who lived with the opening tenant in the 12 months prior to the tenant`s death. Whether you are a safe tenant or an introductory tenant, there are some steps you can take before your housing company can pass you through. The Northern Ireland Housing Act also stipulates that all tenants of housing companies are entitled to certain information about their rent. This information is usually found in your rental agreement or in the tenants` charter. The housing or housing company will not always accept an exchange. There are certain circumstances where permission may be denied. If you are interested in an exchange, go to Homeswapper. This is a website that lists all properties in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK that are available for exchange. If an intentional deterioration in housing needs is found, the application may be made in a lower range or, in extreme cases, when the application is cancelled and the applicant is no longer considered an eligible applicant.